Going Rogue

The adventures of a rogueish vegan cook

About Me

Hi! I’m Izzy.

Once upon a time, in the dark, gloomy days, I was not very fond of cooking.

I could cook if I had to, but I just didn’t enjoy it!

Then…one day, I decided to try to eat less meat in the name of causing less harm to the planet & I started cooking more vegetarian food. Then I met a rather lovely person who was a vegan & I thought perhaps if I learned how to cook some yummy vegan food, they may be enticed to come over to my witch’s cottage made of delightful vegan food (MWHAHAHAHAHA)!

So I bought some cook books and I started cooking vegan food instead of vegetarian. And…I discovered that I kind of LOVED IT!

Now it didn’t work out with the person I was trying to entice, but I found a love of cooking instead. I also ended up going vegan myself.

I don’t know whether it’s the challenge of creating mouth-watering flavour without meat or dairy, the science required to engineer a rise in a cake, a firmness in a cheesecake, a burger pattie that holds together, or just the wonderful community of vegan friends I’ve made & vegan cooks & chefs I’ve discovered, but whichever way, my happy space is now in the kitchen.

Hopefully I can help make your kitchen time a little easier & happier too.